About Me

Dr. Alan MarbleWhen I graduated from Missouri Southern nearly 40 years ago, having the opportunity to one day lead this great university was certainly not something I ever imagined or believed possible.  

In the years since I last sat in a classroom at MSSU I’ve been blessed with a wonderful career spanning business development, finance and fundraising. And during that time I’ve learned something I hope all our students learn as well – that sometimes, the best opportunities are dreams you have yet dared to dream.

Indeed, discoveries like this are what college is all about. You are exploring the person you are – and who you will become. You are setting out on an adventure to discover possibilities for your life that you would have found impossible to imagine earlier. You are taking the first steps down a path of education, self-improvement, and lifelong learning that will forever change your life.

At Missouri Southern State University, we excel in providing opportunities for exploration, adventure, and discovery. Many universities offer adequate degree programs, but our commitment to giving students global exposure in a variety of settings is a unique strength of our university. And in terms of quality, we are proud of the fact that our graduates consistently score among the top in national certification exams. We are committed to providing “gold standard” academic programs.

In our 77th year, some would say Missouri Southern’s greatest asset is its rich history. I say, it is that and more. We have an incredible future ahead of us. And that is a promise our students, parents, and supporters can count on and believe in.

“Believe” is a powerful word and an appropriate theme as we look to the future with confidence and optimism. I believe in our students. I believe in our outstanding faculty and staff. I believe in Missouri Southern State University!

Contact me at Marble-A@mssu.edu or 417.625.9501.